Friday, April 08, 2005

Today's USC Football Crime Blotter

Well, not really, because USC handles these types of things "in-house." After all, what's a little assault and battery between teammates?

USC tight end Dominique Byrd fractured his jaw during an alleged altercation with receiver Steve Smith last week, although few know about the incident because Byrd is academically ineligible for spring practice.
Byrd's jaw was wired shut following the altercation, which took place when the pair argued while playing a video game, according to sources. (Note: at least it was for a good reason)

"I don't have any comment on that," Smith said following Thursday's practice.

USC coach Pete Carroll also declined comment, although sources said he spoke to Smith about the incident. Smith was not punished and has not missed any practices.

Coach Carroll is a brilliant coach. Rather than punishing Smith, he knows that Smith's feelings of guilt over the situation is punishment enough. Why hurt the entire team because of the conduct of one individual? (Especially when that individual is one of your few experienced WR's on the roster.)

Good thing Coach Carroll has a handle on things over there.

By the way, nice hit Steve.

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