Friday, January 07, 2005

The word has gone out...

It's interesting to see the reaction to the story we broke earlier.

GOt an email from a Bruin friend about the incident:

So, let's set this record straight.

First, any claims that Karl Dorrell was out partying and intoxicated are flat out wrong.

And the person who was making the assertion that Dorrell was holding Eyoseph Efseaff and Ben Lorier responsible for something he, himself, did, is completely wrong.

Note that the other claims are not denied with respect to other individuals. We stand by the facts as we reported them, based on multiple confirmation from multiple sources. But the dog that didn't bark in the denial is as interesting as the dog that did bark.

Let's finally make it public what happened that led to Efseaff and Lorier suspended from the team.

The team arrived in Vegas on their own. The coaches had told the players repeatedly not to partake of the Las Vegas excesses.

But in the first team meeting late that night, Efseaff and Lorier show up very intoxicated.

Many players in the meeting thought that Dorrell handled the situation well. He made Efseaff and Lorier sit at the front of the meeting. And actually, many of the players thought that Dorrell was actually going to let them off at this point, that he'd make them do some pretty rigorous conditioning the next morning when they were hung over.

But then both proceeded to wretch, pretty much at the feet of the coaches.

Dorrell, still relatively calm, then decided that they were done.

Okay, so that's the real version of that story. Now for the locker room incident.

The game is over. Dorrell hasn't gone into the locker room yet, but is in the coaches' room. He's livid, barely able to see straight he's so pissed they lost.

So, in the locker room Chris Kluwe and Tab Perry are talking. They're two seniors who have been through a lot, and they started talking about their experience at UCLA, reminiscing some. At one point they were laughing, going over old times.

At that moment is when Dorrell happened to come into the locker room.

Now, Dorrell is so damn livid, remember, he can't see straight. But he does see Kluwe and Perry laughing. So, Dorrell, his temper flared, went off on both of them -- ripping them for being able to laugh after such a disappointing loss.

Perry, never one to back down, got back in Dorrell's face, but Dorrell then kept in Perry's face. It was pretty heated, and got pretty personal from what I understand.

Kluwe, being pretty smart, left the locker room.

Some of the players who witnessed it said they had never seen Dorrell so angry.

Many have said that, given the circumstances, they could understand how Dorrell went off. It wasn't the fault of Kluwe or Perry, but if you were in Dorrell's situation you very well might have lost your temper in that situation also. In fact, some of the players have said they were impressed that Dorrell was so angry about it.

As I said before, I think, given the circumstances it's understandable. Dorrell misunderstood the situation, but you can maybe see how he could have lost his temper at the time.

This is partially a confirmation of the facts we already reported. It is partially an attempt to clarify from one particular perspective, namely the perspective most favorable to Karl Dorrell and the Athletic Department. No doubt there are multiple sides to this story, and Dorrell's recollection of the incident may differ from some of the players, and some players may have perceived the incident differently than others. Still, it is interesting to read this attempt to "set the record straight." We are merely reporting this version of the events, and we will leave it to the reader to decide. We practice open source journalism here at FKD, and we leave it to our readers to decide which version of the events is most credible.

It is interesting to note some of the Trojie

The players were impressed that Dorrell was angry???? rofl you cannot be what you are not.


there's plenty of spin in there but that's not a 'good' incident no matter how impressed the rest of the team was that dorrell got into a personal heated argument with one of his seniors after losing to wyoming. the vegas bowl is just a bad idea. kids always do something they're not supposed to when they were out there. there were rumors about the SC team partying a lot when we got worked by Utah out there a few years back.

We will continue to monitor this story. As far as FKD is concerned, the Trojie reaction to the story tells us a lot about Dorrellistas who spin this as a good thing.

Other interesting Wildwest tidbits:

man, Tracy P. is lying again

says Ucla can 'possibly' end up with with studs because they are in on Fred Rouse (hahaahhahaa// ya right Tracy. If that happens I'll let MAD lick your balls), Roy Miller (ya right?), Ryan Renolds (after that OK performace maybe possibly), Justin DE (sheeet - kid couldn't get into FSU so maybe he'll end up at SC but not Ucla).

Don't lie to your guys dude.

We always take anything from Trojies with a grain of salt, but it is interesting to note the reaction, and to place it in distinguish it with a man who as openly admitted that he is running a business, not operating a forum for entertainment and knowledge.

We have no biases or financial incentives here. We are Bruin fans who want the best for the program. We want KD fired because we have reached the conclusion that that would be best for UCLA football. This is the result of our analysis and this is our opinion. We could be wrong, but based on our facts and analysis -- which is not motivated by any financial interest, unlike some people -- we think we are correct. Again, we report, you decide.

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