Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

Hopefully 2005 will be a much better year for Bruin football than 2004. For New Year's reading, take a look at the plethora of excuses trotted out by KD supporters. (Hat tip: Mav). And refresh your memory about Bruin football tradition, because Dorrellistas are sure to claim that UCLA has no football tradition, in their lame efforts to excuse KD's sub-.500 performance.

Meanwhile, on another message board, one less concerned with shilling for KD, an old friend makes a similar observation:

Tracy is living in "LaLa Land"...

with all of his "new" recruiting strategies and is making excuses for the staff.

Tracy has clearly stated several times that BRO is "a business" and that he operates it as such...

If I was a drug company, would I be publishing articles about holistic medicine and it's successes?

If I was in the business of selling subscriptions to a UCLA Fan Website, that is his business, would I be writing articles about how our future is bleak because recruiting sucks when compared to the previous staff? No I would put a positive spin on it and claim that it is a "new strategy".

Other good stuff from BruinGold:

KD is 1-10 against winning teams. How does that

compare to previous Bruin coaches in their first two seasons?

Tommy Prothro 7-3-1 = .682
Dick Vermeil 7-3-2 = .667
Bob Toledo 6-7 = .462
Terry Donahue 4-6-1 = .409
Pepper Rodgers 3-8-1 = .292
Karl Dorrell 1-10 = .091

atrocious. Remind Dorrellistas of facts next time they tell you about "progress" and "underbelly." Further, Baba reminds us

that 8 of his 12 wins have come against...

SDSU, Illinois, Washington and Arizona.

Of our 12 wins in the KD era, 11 of them have come against sub-500 programs. 8 of those 11 wins have come against 4 teams.

Of our 13 losses, 10 have come against above-500 programs but 3 have come against sub-500 programs.

KD has a 9% winning percentage against teams over .500

And he has some more good takes on talent and recruiting. A look at the talent on the 2003 team:

Players that have been drafted signed as Rookie Free Agents...

Mat Ball
Dave Ball
Ryan Boschetti
Brandon Chillar
Rodney Leisle
Matt Ware

Guys that will be drafted or get rookie free agent contracts this season...

Matt Clark
Spencer Havner
Ben Emmanual

Guys that will be drafted of get rookie free agent contracts after next season...

Justin London
Jarred Page

So from just our 2003 defense... 9 or 11 will get a cup of coffee in the league after the 2003 and 2004 seasons. The other 2 starters will get there after the 2005 season.

I could go on and on but let me just says this... I have more that one buddy that is an NFL Scout or an NFL Agent, UCLA is the most talented losing team in the country. Let me quote one... "There is no way that Ucla should be that bad with their talent"

But, fortunately, KD is hard at work on the "underbelly."

This should pretty much put to bed the talent excuse. But of course, we've already debunked it, but it's always good to have more ammo.

But what about KD's latest class, with the savior (note we like Ben Olson, we just think the Dorrellistas are expecting too much for him to clean up all the "underbelly" and "issues" left by KD...err, BT? Well, the class is good, although the only class of Bob Toledo's it exceeds is his 2000 class, after his worst season. BaBa again makes short work of the latest Dorrellista arguments:

Lets compare Toledo's last full class...

to Dorrell's current and soon to be best class.


In 2002, Toledo's class was comprised of the following 26...

2 Five Star Players (7.5%)
14 Four Star Players (54%)
8 Three Star Players (31%)
2 Two Star Players (7.5%)

In 2005, KD's best full recruiting class to date, it is comprised of the following 19...

1 Five Star (5%)
4 Four Stars (21%)
8 Three Stars (42%)
6 Two Stars (32%)

Just keep hitting Dorrellistas with facts. It may be time to start writing letters, emails, and making phone calls to the powers-that-be at UCLA. We will provide a list for those interested shortly. Also, expect some site news in the near future.

Happy New Year! KD must win at minimum nine games next year, or be immediately fired. The next hire must be legitimate and have real credibility, like Howland. And don't give us the budget excuse, because we've already debunked that nonsense too. Besides, it's well known that DG turned down over a million to hire a new coach, so he could go with KD instead. Pathetic. We have to force our incompetent administration to make a change. They will not do it on their own.

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