Thursday, November 11, 2004

Spurrier drops hints

The AP reports, "Steve Spurrier wants to return to college coaching."

It's been pretty clear that the Ole Ball Coach wants to return to coaching college football. FKD is of the opinion that UCLA and Spurrier would be a great fit. FKD reported earlier on Spurrier scuttlebut, and Spurrier-UCLA rumors have been bandied about. Let's take a closer look:

"I probably decided then that I was done with the NFL," he told The Gainesville Sun. "It wasn't the lifestyle best for me. You don't have scout teams in the NFL. When I was at Florida, I worked with the quarterback every snap for two hours. It wasn't that way in the NFL."

Miami Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt resigned Tuesday, prompting speculation that Spurrier would bring his famed visor and playbook to South Florida. But Spurrier told Florida Today that NFL teams shouldn't even bother pursuing him.

"I've said recently to several people that if I get back coaching, it will probably be a good college job somewhere," Spurrier said. "It seems like I'm better suited for that. I know I certainly had a lot more success in the college game than in the NFL. So if I return to coaching, I think that would probably be the best idea."

Spurrier even took a shot at his NFL record.

"Probably very few NFL teams would want me after the success I had," he said. "Some probably would say that in the right situation I could be successful. But if I had a choice, I'd lean toward the college game. Everybody has their own little niche. The college game was certainly a lot better success-wise for me."

Spurrier withdrew his name from consideration to return to Gainesville, where Ron Zook was fired last month after two-plus seasons.

Spurrier said he would prefer to coach in a warm-weather climate. South Carolina? North Carolina? How about Texas?

He declined to say whether he has spoken to any schools.

"I can't answer all that. I can't answer all your questions. In the next two or three weeks, once the season is over, we'll see what happens," he told The Sun

"I think I've made it clear now that if I go back into coaching, it'll be at a good state university, a college job. Hopefully it will be in the South. I'd rather not get up there in the North."

Reading between the lines, what Spurrier is really interested in is a fairly high-profile state school with good weather and good golf. UCLA meets all these criteria. FKD has heard objections that SoCal doesn't qualify as "the South." Cultural differences aside, and given past rumors regarding UCLA and Spurrier, we think UCLA and Spurrier would be a great fit.

We've also heard objections that UCLA isn't really a high profile football school. Expect more blogging on this later, but this objection is just wrong. We've also heard objections that UCLA won't hire a big-time head coach and that no big-time head coach would want the job. In short, we can't do any better so just accept mediocrity. Usually this sort of nonsense comes from the likes of those that compared Steve Lavin to Coach K or KD to JoePa.

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